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Privacy Policy : is a website ofr NEPEURO UG for its services.

Rizorsi provides a comprehensive privacy policy to let you know about the policies & procedures regarding the collection, use, and sharing of your data and information through Rizorsi, and other website or online services that are owned, controlled and monitored by Rizorsi and that could be related to the privacy policy mentioned here. We will also guide you about the information Rizorsi collect offline in connection to the services offered. This section also describes the choices user has regarding the use, access, and how to update, modify, and delete your personal information.

Note: We will review and edit our policy regularly, from time to time, so as the user gets an update about everything in detail.

By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in the policy, stating:

Rizorsi does not rent  or make any selling of your details to third parties

Rizorsi does not make a step forward to sharing your contact details and other crucial information to the third parties without your consent

Any information regarding your personal and professional consideration that you provide to Rizorsi will be secured and through industry-standard protocols.

Information We Collect:

Rizorsi is an online platform that connects clients with freelancers. Thus, in the process of

making connections and seeking services from us, there is much personal information that we may require from clients as well as from freelancers. This is only to help us make sure the services delivered are seamless, smooth, and secured. This information may include but not limited to contact details, financial information to receive, and pay payments.

Information you provide to us:

Personal Information: In the duration of being a client of us (either a freelancer or business) we may require and collect personal details that make us identify the specific individual or business. This will help us get in touch and contact directly for providing services. This personal information includes name, company details, email address, phone number, and billing details too.

Payment Details: While you use our services, payment will be made, or received depending upon the services chosen by you. We will be collecting certain payment information from you. This can be your credit card details, financial account, billing address.

General Audience Service: This service is usually for users who are 18 or crossed 18. We do not knowingly collect any information of the user who is below the lawfully prescribed age group. If any younger user has provided us their personal information and is less than 18, we are commercially responsible for deleting the information provided to us. If you are a parent and believe that your younger one’s information is stored with us by any means, you can feel free to contact us immediately.

Identity Verification: We may require your identity proof as a process of verification. Your personal information like date of birth, tax identification number, to validate your identity or may be required by the law. We may also request your certain documents including government-issued identification, photo, or a complete billing statement.

Collection of Third Parties Details: We may also collect following third-party information from you about your contact, friends: Their first name, full name, email address, and contact details. This will only be collected when you provide with us any reference or adding their contact in the message room.

You are not restricted from any statutory obligation for providing us with your personal information. But it may be obligatory to do so, as we will require certain personal information from you when you expect us to deliver services to you. If we do not have personal details of the user, this may restrict us from providing you services at the best. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the collection of personal details, please contact us.

How we use Personal Information?

The information that we collect, process, and store are primarily for providing users the service that they have requested from us. We may be using personal information for the following reasons:

To provide the user with the services they have requested from us

To make sure we facilitate the creation of user contract

To provide a solution and answer to queries about our services and to respond to complaints

To promote and keep the user up to date about our program, service offered, that may be of your interest

To conduct analysis research and otherwise strongly build our community by improving our platform.

To comply with the legal obligations

For any other purpose by taking your consent, unless you instruct us to withdraw your consent for the same

To tailor the content that we display to you based on your liking and preferences

To provide you technical and detailed support

Information Collected from Other Sources:

Users can instruct us to connect to their other accounts on different platforms to collect personal information. This includes but not limited to, LinkedIn, Google & Facebook. The information we collect will properly be governed by the privacy policy mentioned here. The user who wishes to stop us from collecting information from any other platform can do so by removing the access on the other platforms or by directly contacting our support team.

Information Collected While Using Our Services:

We keep the records of interaction maintained with our clients, all of which include the

support, product, or services, inquiries we have provided.

Metadata: Your IP address, web page, weblog information and language settings, connection information, and time zone.

Location: GPS Position

Device Details: Device type, identifier, device plugin, and hardware capabilities

Actions: page viewed, time spent on each page, button clicked, navigation, search results, keywords, etc.

Disclosure of Personal Information

When we disclose Personal Information:

The personal information collected by Rizorsi may be transferred, held or processed to third parties or on the clouds. Our third parties service providers are involved with us through a contract to use personal information on our behalf based on the following instructions:

Our third parties include,

Cloud hosting

SMS Service

Payment and banking providers

Marketing analytics

Security providers

Other disclosers involve:

We combine your personal information along with the information that we gather from you

automatically to improve our service. Your personal details will be provided to the site only to make sure the service requested is offered, and which fulfill the legal obligation, laws, and regulations. In no way attempt to fraud, infringement, illegal activities.

We share information about freelancers to the client who have formed a contract or who have admitted to participate and perform work with each other. We may share the information from different agencies that the freelancer is in association with. If a client wishes to see the information of a freelancer, we may provide personal and professional details to the client as a matter of service requested.

If you as a freelancer have come in contact with the client, we may provide them your financial details/ billing details so they can process your payment on time. We may also provide you their business details, name, email id, etc. The user who receives your information will not be allowed to make use of it outside our platform. They cannot contact you for marketing, promotion unless you have expressed your consent for it.

Accessing, Modifying, or Deletion of your Personal Information:

The user holds the right to request access to their personal information that we have stored on our site. If the user wishes to modify, add, update, or edit their information, they are allowed to do us. But Rizorsi permit the user only for a specific period.

Most of the information can simply be accessed through a login, into your account. You can also request us for any correction to be made in your personal information. If you wish to make any deletion of your personal data stored with us, we will do it as per your instruction.

Changes to The Policy

We may change the privacy policy anytime, and we will keep you updated with the same. From time to time, we will change as per the trend and changed guided by law. We might also notify you through email or display the notice accordingly.

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If you have any queries or concerns regarding the privacy policy, you can simply connect with us through our website: